Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Hostelskills Conference - Travel Trends from

Hostelskills Conference 2018 in Krakow

Thank you to the Hostelskills team for hosting another hostel focused event in Krakow, inviting speakers to share their expertise with others in the industry. - The Journey is the experience Presents 2018 Hostel Trends at Hostelskills

Thanks to for their insightful talk on trends for 2018 and predictions for 2019. The following is data taken from their presentation by Ewelina Kondratowicz and Jakub Brzozowski. books over 1.55M room nights every 24 hours in over 1.7M properties. On their website they have almost 26K active hostels worldwide with over 172M guest reviews.
32% of travelers expect to research, book and organise travel this year on mobile - on top of 44% of travellers expecting to be able to book their trip on mobile.

Videos in 2019 will be 80% of internet traffic. Currently 58% on Google are for specific brands or companies. 71% of travel searches on YouTUbe are for destination names.

Millienials (1980-2000)

They want to see as many people as possible, prioritising social interactions adn shared adventures. They are spending more on experience and travel, and they are environmentally conscious. 93% book on mobile, 44% use location as a key factor, 40% use reveiws only and 60% intend to post on social media during their stay. 55% of them say free WIFI is essential. 85% check photos and videos. 88% look at attractions nearby. 80% of last-minute bookings are done on mobile.

Trends for 2018

Luxury Hotels are offering a balance of privacy, amenities and social activities. More than 70% of hostel travelers are millenials, 72% are solo travelers, often requiring more privacy. Luxury hotels are now copying hostels.

Where do your bookings come from? uses the following channels to book your property. Affiliate partners and meta searches such as tripadvisor, Kayak, eDreams, easyjet, agoda promote bookings through, along with paid search. There is also print marketing through Conde Nast Traveler and others, along with social media and television commercials.

What is so special about Hostels?
Guests love hostels, they love the experience and want to book a bed in a shared communal environment. It´s the second most booked item on´s site. Discounts motivate long stays, add-ons like free breakfast encourages bookings, and lastminute deals with price cuts are available a couple of days or hours before the deadline. Loyalty offers, such as ´Genius Program´ gives frequent travelers advantages.

What can hostels learn?
Hostels can learn that being flexible is more attractive. The center of your home page is where your offers should be, your content and your photos also speak volumes. Use exterior, bedroom, bathroom and chill-out places - this helps your guest to imagine their stay. Also don´t forget details and the view!

In summary, to be bookable, make it easy to book via mobile, have flexible availability, conditions and opportunities - such as add-ons, and show everything in your photos!

Great conference in Krakow, thanks to Hostelskills and for the valuable insights.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Travel Trends for 2018

What will be the trends in the travel industry for 2018?

Here are our thoughts on what's around the corner for 2018

We think we will see a rise in biophilic design; a focus on natural design that enhances moods and relaxes. The hotel industry has already experienced this with a surge in travelers looking to destress and be ‘mindful’ in a community environment. People are looking to connect. There is always a consumer demand for environmental responsibility so hopefully that will also continue to be an important factor. 

There is also a continuation in the 2017 trend towards all things ‘local’, so I expect to see more local partnerships and artisanal products and locally sourced produce on menus in hostels. 

Creating immersive and genuine experiences, whether this is through local or regional experiences or offering tours or interactive experiences that gives the customer a deeper and more real experience of the destination. Everything is trending toward making a stay experiential, so I would urge hostels to look at what they actually offer other than a night’s sleep. It also doesn’t have to be a long list, it could just be one thing that you do really well and that gives guests a unique stay.

There are also a lot of hostels making time for co-working or “life spaces” to attract business travelers and local people in the daytime to create a community vibe. This changes functionality of your communal areas and leans towards the sharing economy models out there, but also makes the most of the co-living approach which has been popular in Southeast Asia for a while already.

We hope you enjoyed our predictions for Travel Trends for 2018 - find out more on our Facebook page here