Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Why do I Need a Blog on my Hostel Website?

Or... Write A Blog Now!

You're probably thinking it's the last thing you have time to do - but a travel blog is really important for your website! It can also be a lot of fun if you involved your hostel staff - everyone has a recommendation for a favourite bar, coffee shop or place to shop. It's also a great way to get you thinking about your destination in terms of what it has to offer for visitors. You may live there, but to them it's a blank canvas and you have the power to make their trip awesome with your handy tips!!

Why do I Need a Blog on my Hostel Website?

Here are some key reasons why a blog can be good for you

  • Google is your first reason - if you are adding new material regularly then the Google bots will be indexing your pages and a regular basis - which is good!

  • Guests. Potential customers will see your helpful tips and think that you really care about them having a good time and making the most of their experience in your destination. Sharing is caring.
Why do I Need a Blog on my Hostel Website?

  • Bloggers. They might want to share some tips with you or buddy up and provide some good material, inspiration and links.

  • Inspiration. If you post amazing and inspiring pictures and videos then you are going to tempt visitors to come to your destination. We can't take the Balmer's Interlaken snow pictures anymore, we're booking our next trip already. Likewise with sunsets at Athenstyle Hostel, the pool parties at Hostel Pachamama in San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, beach shots from El Misti in Rio, and the idea of Eurovision at Abrahams Hostel in Tel Aviv. We love you all and it's about time for another visit - watch out, we're coming to get you!!

  • Social. You can keep sharing fresh material to your audience - and at the same time inform them of what's happening where you are. Win win.

  • Get your staff involved in being a part of the hostels voice and inspiration - they can guest write if they are wannabe bloggers, or provide cool photos, or interviews, or just share some top tips. Get them involved with sharing what they love about the destination. That way everyone gets to know a bit more about each other. 

So these are some of the reasons we think it's worth having a blog on your website. If you think it's too tiresome and you don't have time, you can syndicate material to add, but remember to keep it on brand and relevant to your hostel and customers.

Why do I Need a Blog on my Hostel Website?

Some ideas for this could be general travel tips such as packing light or cool apps (and a way to promote other brands), or sharing local guides, activities in your destination or events that would be great to check out. It also will help with your SEO! So get organic with Google and start creating your relevant content yourself. 

Good Luck!

If you want any help or advise with your blog posts then get in touch with us at We're here to help you keep your hostel healthy!!