Friday, 1 December 2017

Making the most of working with video marketing

How to make the most of working with video marketing

Having always been the most popular method of interacting with customers online, video exploded in 2017 with the live stories enabled by social media platforms meaning we were all inundated with short clips of real experiences. Here's how to make the most of it for your marketing for 2018.

Live streaming on social media platforms is still rising in popularity after dominating 2017. When it began it was a great way to interact with audiences and showcase your brand; now it’s standard, so hostels have to get behind this. Standing out from the noise is the biggest challenge with social media – there are more than 50 million small businesses using social media platforms - especially if you are trying to build your brand and attract new customers with limited resources. Live streaming is a really quick and attention grabbing way to do this and try to avoid brand fatigue of constantly selling something. It is also part of the move towards personal and local experiences as its shows an immersive experience.   

Facebook has made changes for Ecommerce and product focused ad formats to allow for more visually intriguing adverts; namely video. This is one way to attract new customers, now that Business Pages will see less placement in newsfeeds. 

Three quarters of consumers report that watching a video heavily influences their purchase decision on social media. We always encourage businesses to make videos whenever they can because it’s the best way to showcase their brand. Hostels have personalities, and reading about a hostel or seeing photos doesn’t compare to seeing the hostel experience through video. It also works in any language! Video is also great for using on different platforms. The other advantage is now everyone has video capability on their cell phones, you don’t even need them to be professionally shot. People expect a handheld live video to be unprofessional. And you can also take advantage of guests making video to create user generated content. Going ‘live’ on social media channels with videos of live music or bar antics always attracts a lot of attention and shows your hostel to be experiential rather than just a place to sleep.

Making the most of working with video marketing, by Hostel Doctor

Monday, 15 May 2017

Hostel Review - City Backpackers Stockholm

Why we love City Backpackers Hostel in Stockholm

Stockholm is known for its eclectic watery skyline with a plethora of islands and the colourful buildings in historical Gamla Stan; but the highlight for us was hanging out with our favourite meatball-loving Swedes at City Backpacker’s Hostel.

Why is it so good?

Firstly, it’s authentic. This is place for true backpackers, and has been since 1994! This is a great place to meet other backpackers, hang-out, sleep, share a sauna.. yes really! They have a sauna for guests to enjoy - and believe me if you’re here in winter, you’ll be really into that idea after a day skipping through the snow filled streets of Stockholm.

The team here do everything they can to make you feel welcome, and the design is young and fun, without being pretentious. If you want to strum your guitar in the garden (not in the middle of the night, ok?) or relax on their sofas, then you’re welcome. And you can get a great cocktail or beer in the restaurant next door to. Skål!

They have a very cute garden for those long summer nights, with live music and events here too. Then for winter you can get cosy in their chill out rooms - grab a bit to eat in their communal kitchen, or just relax and be toasty and watch the snowfall outside.

Cool things they offer

The Sauna is one of them.

We also love their stacks of National Geographics, the food in Nomad Swedish Restaurant and Bar next door, the facilities and the tours. They also hire out everything from skateboards to ice skates! Unique to Stockholm possibly..

We also secretly want to be Vikings, and not just because of the TV show, so what better than to have some authentic Viking experiences? They offer some awesome tours, but the Viking Tour has to be the best. Save it for winter - when you can show your strength with an outdoor sauna and then dip in the (frozen over) sea!!

The Location

Their location is near all the shopping streets and plenty of restaurants, and you can hop on the metro here to get all over town. The old town of Stockholm is known for its vibrant colours as the buildings of Gamla Stan date back to the 13th century. This is not just a pretty pedestrianised corner of Stockholm but actually where the Danish King killed all the Swedish noblemen in the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520. Find out about the history of Stockholm with one of the organised tours from the hostel.

We love this cool hostel, and we hope you do too. Find out more about them here

Famous Hostels Market Research

 Famous Hostel Guest Survey

Hostel Doctor has just conducted a survey of guests at 5 locations across Europe to find out about their bookings, expectations and the marketing cycle for hostels on behalf of Europe's Famous Hostels. The results are in, and they're quite a surprise.

Did you know, most bookings made by the under 25 year group were made by apps only? Do you know what percentage of bookings are made within 24 hours of arrival? Do you know where guests are mostly reviewing your business? Some of the results were a surprise to us.

We love keeping up with the latest trends and actions of the youth travel market, so for us, this project of genuine market research was a great to take part in. Speaking to the guests directly and gaining insights into what they genuinely wanted from their hostel, and hostel booking experience, has been invaluable at preparing us and our clients to keep ahead of the competition.

If you want to find out more about what Hostel Doctor can do you for your business, then get in touch with us at or check out our services on our website here

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Visiting Scandinavia on a backpacker budget

Visiting Scandinavia on a backpacker budget

{For Famous Hostels, January 2017}

With a reputation for beautiful people, designer interiors and an expensive bar scene, Scandinavia can intimidate backpackers – but don’t be afraid – there’s plenty of cool stuff to do if you’re visiting Scandinavia on a backpacker budget!

Scandinavia on a budget

If you’re yearning to see the wonders of Scandinavia then you don’t have to bring your own beers and live off pickled herrings – there is another way! Despite being pricier than their European neighbours, these icy countries have warm hearts and plenty of places that are budget friendly. We went in search of bicycles, saunas, ABBA looking people and trolls (the good kind…)

Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is as good looking as the people, with colourful houses lining the harbours, a cobbled old town and plenty of bicycles and boats. There’s something for everyone here whether you’re into palaces, a hippy alternative scene, partying or wooded parks. There are even beaches – yes beaches – easily accessible on the metro line (packed in summer but a little bit cold in winter). Copenhagen is a city that also offers some tranquility and nature near the city center as well as late night Tuborgs (the local beer that’s not Carlsberg).
Although the main sites, such as Tivoli Gardens from summer to Christmas, are expensive to pay for entrances, there are plenty of free museums and galleries, as well as cool places to walk and see, such as the ‘alternative’ neighborhood, or ‘free state’, of Christiania. 

The main attraction here was the hippy settlement / marijuana smoking / artist community that has lived here since the 70’s, enjoying the lakeside setting and relaxed drug laws to create a community. The harbor area is also worth walking around – the most popular tourist draw is the picture perfect Nyhavn (New Harbor) where the houses are particularly brightly coloured and have formed the backdrop for movies such as The Danish Girl. Many of the key buildings such as the opera house and palaces can be seen from the waterfront too – get on your bike!

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Best European Winter Sports Destinations on a budget

Best European Winter Sports Destinations on a budget

{For Famous Hostels, January 2017}

If you want to hit the slopes but think it’s too expensive then think again – here are our best European winter sports destinations on a budget.

Bad Gastein, Austria

Did you know that Austria has some of the best ski slopes in the world? This famous spa town is also a winter sport mecca as one of the biggest ski resorts in the Austrian Alps. No surprises here that there are plenty of slopes and adventure sports on offer – and it’s easy to get to by train. The town has been famous for steaming away your worries in its medicinal waters since the 1800s and still has a well priced thermal spa where you can relax in the steam baths outdoors while watching the snow. You don’t have to be royalty to stay here either, with plenty of apres ski bars around town with generous happy hours and late open hours. What’s not to love?


Interlaken, Switzerland

This winter wonderland is located in between two beautiful lakes and in the shadow of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains. A stunning town all year round, they offer plenty of action and adventure sports both in summer and winter season and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Highlights for winter sports including skiing and snowboarding (of course) and the more exciting night sledding (yes – after dark rushing down the mountain!), snow shoeing, or leave it all behind and go get yourself in a hot tub with a cold beer.

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