Friday, 1 December 2017

Making the most of working with video marketing

How to make the most of working with video marketing

Having always been the most popular method of interacting with customers online, video exploded in 2017 with the live stories enabled by social media platforms meaning we were all inundated with short clips of real experiences. Here's how to make the most of it for your marketing for 2018.

Live streaming on social media platforms is still rising in popularity after dominating 2017. When it began it was a great way to interact with audiences and showcase your brand; now it’s standard, so hostels have to get behind this. Standing out from the noise is the biggest challenge with social media – there are more than 50 million small businesses using social media platforms - especially if you are trying to build your brand and attract new customers with limited resources. Live streaming is a really quick and attention grabbing way to do this and try to avoid brand fatigue of constantly selling something. It is also part of the move towards personal and local experiences as its shows an immersive experience.   

Facebook has made changes for Ecommerce and product focused ad formats to allow for more visually intriguing adverts; namely video. This is one way to attract new customers, now that Business Pages will see less placement in newsfeeds. 

Three quarters of consumers report that watching a video heavily influences their purchase decision on social media. We always encourage businesses to make videos whenever they can because it’s the best way to showcase their brand. Hostels have personalities, and reading about a hostel or seeing photos doesn’t compare to seeing the hostel experience through video. It also works in any language! Video is also great for using on different platforms. The other advantage is now everyone has video capability on their cell phones, you don’t even need them to be professionally shot. People expect a handheld live video to be unprofessional. And you can also take advantage of guests making video to create user generated content. Going ‘live’ on social media channels with videos of live music or bar antics always attracts a lot of attention and shows your hostel to be experiential rather than just a place to sleep.

Making the most of working with video marketing, by Hostel Doctor