Thursday, 14 March 2019

Size Matters: How Important is the Length of my Blog Post?

If you're writing a blog for your business - you should be doing this...

With industry insights pointing to the more blog posts the better, it can be very time consuming to write long posts that are industry relevant several times a week. With a balancing act of frequency, budget, time and relevance, creating relevant blog content requires planning. As content creation has become key as a way to hook page views from the internet, make sure your blog has winning content. 

So if you have time or budget to sit down and write, then make sure you are writing the right kind of posts. Don't be tempted to post short blogs frequently if they have no depth or use! You're better off posting longer posts with higher quality writing. 

You may not be looking to write an in-depth thesis on a subject, but to have an informative opinion or present research, you will need a few words. Google says that a minimum of 300 words are needed to be considered relevant for SEO, but to really talk about something in a useful way (unless it's just promoting an event) then you will need a few more. But don't just waffle on, make sure you have something to say about your subject! 

You will also need to add some keywords to your article which could also be 'words' as phrases are what you're really looking at. Don't stuff it with keywords either as it will make it unnatural to the reader. In general, longer informative articles are much better, so if you feel like writing more, then don't feel restricted. Creating a well written and informative article will automatically make it longer!

Quality AND Quantity

Not only does your post need to have enough substance, it has to be well written!! To have a high-quality blog we would expect the following

Informative - there should be an in depth look or focus on the topic, enough to discuss, provide information and be a complete look at something

Relevant - it should be relevant to your key audience as well and your business

Waffle free - your tone of voice and style is your own, but don't pack it with fillers, pack it with useful facts, info or research. 

Don't get lost! Composition for longer blog posts

If you're writing more than 1,000 words you will want to keep your audience interested and engaged. For this, you need to keep your blog well structured and not get lost in the waffle.

How to keep on track 

Well structured - use sub-headers and sections to avoid your reader getting lost. If the paragraphs are simple and overall structure is manageble it's much easier to read. 

Interesting - If you're writing something technical you can still keep it lively and upbeat - try to mix up your vocabularly and any industry jargon to make it accessible to all and expressive rather than boring!

A Note on Language

You're reading this in English, and a lot of content is composed like this. But make sure you're copy is well written in the language it is in, and especially if you use this original text then for translations. Little mistakes can be forgiven if you're writing in a second language, but if you can get someone to check your copy it's better! Try using Grammarly or similar software to point you in the right direction.

Good luck starting a blog, if you are thinking why a blog is important for your website then check out our article on that.

Good Luck! 

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